Helping Teens deal with sexuality and romance

Helping Teens deal with sexuality and romance

As sexuality and romance loom during the adolescent years, a whole new world opens up to teens. Biological and social drives push teens into new sensations and experiences that they might spend most of their time studying on how to deal with the emotions that comes as a result of it.

Becoming comfortable with their the changes occurring in their bodies and learning how to effectively relate with the opposite sex, and entering romantic relationships are just some of the developmental tasks that teens need to deal with before they can leave adolescence and move into young adulthood.

It is essential that parents help their teens during this time by playing a very important play a role in life.

The parent’s Role

Talking may feel awkward

Sexuality is one of the most uncomfortable subjects most parents face during child-rearing. Despite this, parents need to pass on the information and guidance that their teens desperately need information and guidance. Otherwise, friends will be helping out by filling in the knowledge gap with some incorrect information that may lead to risky behavior.

There is no other way through this, parents must communicate with their children about this. If you don’t, your teen children may not feel so comfortable asking you questions based on this, if the need arises.

Talking is essential

No matter how you feel about this, these conversations must take place. If you think you are not so comfortable discussing these things, you can solicit the help of a sibling or an older family member to assist on this subject.

Parents need to share their values 

Although, teens need information as regards sex, but what they need most is understanding their parent’s values as it pertains to sexuality. Helping them to achieve satisfying romantic relationships is one of the most important lessons a parent can ever teach. Developing this may takes years, but with continuous discussions and exposure to the concept, the ideas will sink in.

Don’t always think that schools are covering all that needs to be discussed. Most school curricula is not enough, and does not teach those values that will help teens put facts into contexts with which you will be comfortable.

It may be likely you have some control over what your teen does, but you will not know everything. The decisions they make as regards sexuality is going to be a combination of different factors like their readiness, impulses and their ability to control these impulses, and your values.
For teens to learn about sexuality and becoming comfortable with it, it needs inputs from their own, parents, and peers, and each of these group of people plays a different role in the teens’ developing sexual maturity.