Limit Your Teenager’s Screen Time With These Incredible Apps for Android and iOS

It’s extremely easy to achieve just about anything on your handheld device. You can order groceries, pay your bills, and play a wide range of games without any hassles. The same can be said for teenagers who enjoy browsing the internet, keeping in touch with friends on Facebook, and uploading their latest pictures on Instagram. However, if you are concerned that your teenager is spending way too much time on their smartphone, there are several innovative apps that you can download to limit their screen time.


It was initially only limited to Mac computers, but fortunately, Freedom is now available on both iPad and iPhone. This incredible app will allow you to schedule time away from specific apps and will let you create blocklists for apps that are too distracting. Freedom does offer a free trial period, but you can also opt in for a monthly subscription that will only cost you $7 per month or a reduced $29 per year.

In Moment

Even though the In Moment app has a minimal aesthetic, it’s still one of the best apps around to curb the use of social media. The app will track and provide historical information on your social media usage and will tell you how much time you’ve been spending on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. The app will also give you the ability to set limits on your social media usage either daily, weekly, or monthly and only costs $10 per month.


Space functions a little different when compared to other screen limiting apps. It will assist you in setting goals so that you are more mindful when it comes to screen usage. When you initially install the app, it will ask you a few questions with regards to your screen habits and give you a user type that best suits your needs. Thereafter, the app will set time use, and screen unlock goals. You can even get rewards when you successfully meet your goals on a daily basis.

App Detox

This innovative app will allow you to create rules that will limit access to specific apps effortlessly. The usual time-based limitations and schedules are available along with an option that will require you to work before you are awarded screen time. It’s also one of a handful of apps that comes equipped with a Forever feature for specific apps that can’t be deleted from your smartphone.

Off the Grid

If you have teenagers that find it impossible to stay off their phones, this app is the perfect option to eliminate the problem. Off the Grid boasts with a feature that completely blocks a smartphone for a pre-determined length of time. Should your teenager get the urge to use their phones once the app is activated, it will cost your them. As for your cost, a fee of $1 will be charged to your credit time each time you log into your phone.