The Golden Principles of Teaching Teenager Parents Need to Know

Self-taught childcare is a process starting from the time when children are learning to walk, talking, learning to eat, teaching from self-service, how to take responsibility, how to manage spending and time until children know about contraceptive knowledge, say no to drugs and social evils, know against sexual harassment, etc.

Parents should be the best instructors to help their children step through their teens.

When you enter the teenage period, the period is particularly important in shaping your personality, always wanting to discover yourself, sometimes, many parents feel helpless in counseling and raising. So the following tips will help parents to overcome this difficult period in the most gentle way.

For children with relative independence

To become a true adult, you have to learn to depend on your parents less, be more responsible, be able to make decisions and solve problems yourself. I must also find out the value of life and find the goals and motivations of life to strive for.

In the eyes of many parents and their children, even if they are 16-17 years old, it is not much bigger than the kindergarten age, so they decide to replace their children. You can sympathize with parents that they worry if they are free too soon, they can make wrong decisions. However, you need to discover, make mistakes and have new experiences, from which you will learn life lessons and solve problems yourself.

So, you need to balance your children’s freedom with your own concerns, you and your child can understand each other, sharing your problems together. How you develop independence and how you guide your child are processes that are influenced by cultural background and education from the family. Therefore, you should try to create conditions for your child to be independent, self-determination, self-discovery to the extent possible, meaning that if there is a problem, it will not cause too serious consequences.

Observe the child’s expressions

Never ignore any strange expressions of your child or you may have to deal with a lot of problems later. Watch out for expressions like going to bed late or dropping out of school. Talk to your child peacefully and avoid overreacting. Otherwise children will feel offended and more hostile.

Ready to share with you

A complete teen may have a valid reason to break a rule. Parents should listen to why children have a desire to go against their parents; hear me speak my thoughts about principles. Do not question your child about everything you want to know, but show that you always want to be ready to hear and share with your child.