A Guide on Employing Positive Discipline for Parents

Positive Discipline is a method in which parents clearly communicate with their children which behaviors are appropriate, which ones are inappropriate, and which rewards are for good behavior and which the consequences for bad behavior are.

In general, there are five key principles of Positive Discipline:

  1. It means to remain firm and kind at the same time.
  2. It teaches social and life skills for good character.
  3. It helps your children feel a sense of significance and belonging.
  4. It invites your children to use their personal power in constructive ways and to discover how capable they are.
  5. It is effective in long term.

Guide on How to Get Started with Positive Discipline?

  1. There are Certified Positive Discipline Trainers, who hold classes and workshops about how to employ Positive Discipline.
  2. Take stock of how your family deals with feelings. It is recommended you listen much more than you talk. When your child feels a sense of belonging and significance, he/she is much more likely to listen and cooperate and much less likely to misbehave. It is also helpful to know that your children are taught how to manage and regulate their emotions through witnessing how we manage and regulate our emotions. Therefore, it is important to model the very behavior that we want to see.
  3. Talk to the teachers in your lives since they commonly use Positive Discipline as a way of managing class behavior in the classroom. This means that teachers stay warm and firm, give their students clear expectations for what needs to be accomplished, provide them with clear guidelines for what behaviors are unacceptable, work with them to create solutions to their problems, as well as reward positive behaviors or discourage negative behaviors clearly and transparently. If a teacher can do it for a classroom including dozens of kids, you can do it at home, surely.
  4. Set up a goal for your whole family and discuss about a plan for how to achieve it. Don’t forget to offer a lot of options.