The Most Important Social Skills Kids Need to Learn (part 1)

Good social skills not only allow kids to enjoy better peer relationships but also help them reach far beyond social acceptance. What parents should do is to start teaching kids with the most basic social skills and keep sharpening their skills over time. Here are some of the most important social skills kids need to learn as soon as possible.


A willingness to share a favorite toy can help kids make and keep friends. A Psychological Science’s study showed that children from age two may show a desire to share with others as long as their resources are abundant. Meanwhile, children from three to six are often selfish in terms of sharing resources that come at a cost. They usually feel reluctant to share their favorite things with others since it means they will have less to enjoy. They may readily share a toy if they are no longer interested in playing with it. Kids from seven to eight are more willing to share since they become more concerned with fairness. Sharing helps them feel good about themselves. So, teaching kids to share may help improve their self-esteem.

How to Practice

Praise your kids for sharing and express how it makes others feel.


Cooperating means working with others in order to achieve a common goal. Kids who can well cooperate are respectful when others make requests. They also participate, contribute, and help out.Good cooperation skills are important to succeed in getting along within a community.

Children from age three and a half can start to work with their friends on a common goal, such as building a toy tower together to play a game. Some may be good at leading while others may feel more comfortable following instructions. So, cooperation also helps kids to learn more about themselves.

How to Practice

Talk your kids about the importance of teamwork and how jobs are better if everyone takes part in. Create opportunities for the whole family to work together and emphasize the importance of cooperation.