Top five games that secretly teach life skills for kids (part 2)

3. Hide and Seek

If you want to teach your kids problem solving skill, Hide and Seek is a great game that you should choose. This game requires kids to stay as long as possible, so they have to assess their options in order to choose the best possible hiding spot. This results in helping them build spatial awareness since kids have to consider several factors such as picking the hiding places that can offer the most cover from the most vantage points. When they gain experience with the game, they will take an even deeper assessment approach, considering which spots are usually used during free play and most likely to be checked first.

4. Row Your Boat

Self-awareness is an important skill that parents should teach for their kids. That’s one of the reasons why you should introduce the game Row Your Boat to them. It is simple to play this game: you just need to pair kids up facing one another with knees bent up behind them and holding hands, then instruct them to rock back and forth in time to the song Row Your Boat. This game requires kids to work together and have a look at their own movements at all times. This game is played best with a CD or a YouTube song, so you can add a surprising element by stopping music abruptly to help your kids focus on auditory cues as well as match their physical movements to them.

5. Simon Says

Simon Says is a great game to teach your kids how to pay close attention to instructions, at the same time giving them the experience of leadership. In this game, one kid asks their peers to do silly actions by saying sentences such as “Simon Says jump like monkeys.” The other kids will do the action as long as the leader adds the terms “Simon says” to their instructions.

If kids don’t pay attention, they will be the only one doing the silly action wrongly. That motivates them to listen closely to the whole set of instructions before getting started.