Depression in Teenagers and Solutions

The prevalence of smart technology together with social issues around makes the life of teenagers be more and more depressive. While depressed, children and teens tend to lag behind academically and lose important friendships. This article includes some signs of recognition for teen depressions and give out solutions to this issue.

Signs of recognition
The underlying manifestations of depressive disorders in children and adolescents are similar to those in adults but are related to the typical interests of the child, such as learning and playing. Children may not explain their inner feelings or moods. Depression should be considered when children are less active than before, do not integrate into the community, withdraw from society, or commit delinquency.
In some children with a depressive disorder, the dominant mood is irritability such as irritability, irritability, aggression rather than sadness (a significant difference between childhood and adolescent). Discomfort associated with depression in children can manifest as aggressive behavior and non-cooperation.

In addition to complementary medications prescribed by a physician, psychotherapy is an important part of the treatment regimen to relieve conflict in the mind.
– Psychological evaluation: To check for signs of depression, the psychiatrist will talk about the thoughts, feelings and behavior of the teen. Doctors can fill out a questionnaire to help answer these questions.
Psychological counseling is also a key to treat depression. Psychotherapy is also known as speech therapy, counseling or psycho-social therapy. Psychotherapy can be performed by one of the family members or in a group.
– Through regular counseling sessions, doctors and patients can learn about the causes of depression, how to identify and make changes to unhealthy behaviors or thoughts., find better ways to deal with and solve problems. Psychotherapy can help regain feelings of well-being and control or reduce the symptoms of depression such as despair and anger.
– Behavioral therapy is one of the most effective treatments. It helps the person identify his or her negative behaviors and thoughts, replacing them with positive ones. There are also many other effective psychological therapies, which are combined by doctors to achieve good results.
– The relationship between mind and body has been studied and proven for centuries. To avoid or treat depression, the mind and body must be harmonious.
Some ways to improve the symptoms of depression include acupuncture, yoga, meditation, visual instruction or massage therapy. Eating nutritious foods also helps the body to be healthy, mentally intelligent, creative, fun.